UCPori Library

UCPori Library is an open scientific library in the first floor of UCPori. Welcome!

Our library is once again operating normally. Doors are open for all customers between 8am and 4pm. Students and staff can use the library outside these hours with an electronic campus key.

NB! All campus premises, including library, must be vacated no later than 9pm.


Mon 10-16

Tue 10-16

Wed 10-17:30

Thu 10-16

Fri 10-15

lunch break every day 12-12:45

Self service hours every day 8-21, including weekends.



+358 40 826 2780

Street address: Pohjoisranta 11 C, 28100 Pori

Postal address: PL 136, 28101 Pori


The library has printed material from both Tampere University and the University of Turku.

You can search our collection in the following databases.

Tampere University: Andor

University of Turku: Volter

Library Map (FI)


  • Printed and electronic resources: books, journals, theses
  • Silent and group study rooms
  • Computers and devices for printing, scanning and copying. For instructions, please see here: University of Turku and Tampere University.

The students and the staff of UCPori can enter the library with their electronic key. Read more here.


Library cards are available at the library service desk. You will need to provide valid identification, like a passport, as well as an address in Finland to obtain a library card. You do not need to be a student or staff to use the library; customers from outside the universities are also welcome.

When loaning material from our library, please note the rules and fees of the universities.


Interlibrary loan service is a form of collaboration between libraries. At the customer's request, material not found at our library can be ordered from Finnish and foreign libraries as loans or copies.

The service is available for the students and staff of the University of Turku. At this time, interlibrary loans are not available from the Tampere University collection in Pori.

Please contact the library for further information.


University of Turku

Tampere University

Google Scholar - search machine for scientific e-resources. Login with your university account for materials provided by the library.
Mendeley - free reference manager

Melinda - a joint database of Finnish university libraries

Finna - a Finnish national database of library, archive and museum material

Journal.fi - Finnish scientific journals online

Pori public library

Satakirjastot - search the collections of public libraries in Satakunta

SAMK library - the library of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences in Pori