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Knowledge Management seminar

Maanantai, 9 lokakuu, 2017 - 09:00 - 16:00

Welcome to hear student presentations on Knowledge Management in an open seminar at University Consortium Pori classroom 334. There are 20 group presentations in English and each 10 minutes long with 5 minutes discussion. The presentations encompass basic theories and views of Knowledge Management. Our student group is multicultural and –disciplinary with students from 11 European Universities.
Seminar Schedule
9–9.15   Opening of the seminar: Anu Suominen
9.15–10 Presentations:

  • Social Capital
  • Knowledge Transfer and Organisational Memory
  • A Leaders Role in Boosting the Innovation

10–10:45  Presentations

  • Organizational learning - barriers and enablers
  • Knowledge management vs. Information management
  • Exploring the distinction between knowledge sharing and knowledge transfer

10:45-11:45  Lunch Break

11:45–12:30  Presentations

  • Effects of the VR and AR in knowledge sharing
  • Title will be informed later
  • How to analyze social big data and what are its challenges

12:30-13.30  Presentations

  • Knowledge Management and productivity
  • Learning Cycles' contribution to Knowledge Management
  • Interorganizational knowledge sharing practices
  • Knowledge intensive organization

13:30–13:45  Break

13:45-14:45  Presentations

  • Strategic perspectives for IC management
  • Title will be informed later
  • Decision making – models and ethics
  • Title will be informed later

14:45-15:45  Presentations

  • KM processes
  • What customers should know from producers
  • The differences between generational knowledge sharing styles

15:45-16:00  Closing of the seminar

More information:
Anu Suominen
University Teacher
Tampere University of Technology
Pohjoisranta 11, 28100 Pori, Finland
+358 50 300 6108