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Meet-Up Place in University Consortium?

Where is the Meet-Up Place in University Consortium of Pori?


Before leaving Pori, I have been trying to look back on my times in here. One of the most advantages of Pori University Consortium is the opportunity to be connected with other students from different fields. For example, even though I belong to Taidekorkeakoulu, I can meet easily the students from economic school. However, at the same time, because of lack of English courses, I could not take advantage from that as much as I expected. I would have like to take more courses in Turku school of Economics or University of Tampere. But I appreciate the potential of cross-educational climate to let students explore to other fields.

Furthermore, I want to open an issue from the perspective of the foreign student about “possibility and reality of communication” in our university onsortium. One of the memorable times is when I visited Design factory, Venture Garage and Taik in Helsinki with Pori faculties a few weeks ago. We were inspired by their initiative and open atmosphere for sharing ideas and communicating together. We have agreed that we students in Pori unit also need the space to study together and hang out. I would call it “Meet-Up Place”

In my imagination, the place is located in the center of our five universities. Inside there are cozy couches and tables and coffee machine. On the wall, we can put any kind of our ideas and stories. In that place, some improvising projects are always happening by Art school students and Economic school students. For example, we can organize a small seminar titled “What is your most artistic experience (for Economic students) and what does Economy means to you (for Arts students).

This wish reminds me of my university time in Seoul, Korea. We call it “Korean University Culture”. After the school, I and three or four friends go to Starbucks which is located right in front of the university and provide us with free wireless internet connection. We stay there 4 -5 hours with a cup of Frapuccino with laptop doing group working, reading, sometimes watching movies together. No one feels under pressure to get out of here because in the café almost all spend at least two hours with their laptops and books. I really miss the time having fun while Doing Together. Also, I miss the inspiring place I can sit and work comfortably with friends.

Often, I have been wondering where students in Pori do study or individual working such as writing or researching. Do they really do at home alone? Don’ they feel like to share their ideas with others? Perhaps it is cultural difference. In Korea, after work or school, we tend to hang out and do something together even for small chat with a cup of coffee. Recently, with my friends in the class, we talked about Communication and Connection especially in Pori. We evaluated how much we are satisfied with school and social life in Pori. We all agreed that we need more communication systems or places which can give us to chance to meet like-minded people.

Unfortunately, while I am staying here I might not able to experience the new students place. However, I heard that some movement for students place is going to happen. I hope that there will be more lively students’ atmosphere here in Pori very soon.

Text and photos: Yereum Kim