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Course offering: Pori Interdisciplinary Exchange Programme

Design your own curriculum by selecting courses from four different universities

The following courses are available in English. Many of the courses lectured in English are of advanced level and may require previous studies in the field concerned (possible course-specific prerequisites are mentioned in the course descriptions).

Academic year 2014-2015

Weekly course schedules

Detailed course descriptions

Autumn Semester (Period 1 - Period 2):

  • Service Design Management 6 ECTS, P1
  • PYR10 Entrepreneurship: Practice and Theories 4 ECTS, P1
  • PYEN2017 / PEN11 Intercultural Communication for Cross-Cultural Team Building 3 ECTS, P1-P2
  • PJO10 / PTJ26 / PLA-55106 Knowledge Management 5 ECTS, P1
  • PYJ11 Responsible Business 6 ECTS, P2
  • PYLT0006 Principles of Corporate Finance 4 ECTS, P2
  • PYTJ3033 / PTJS13 / PLA-33416 Software Engineering Management 5 ECTS, P2
  • PMA6 Integrated Marketing Communications 6 ECTS, P2
  • PYR11 / PJO20 Identification and Evaluation of Entrepreneurial Opportunities 6 ECTS, P2
  • PJO5 International Culture and Management 5 ECTS, P2
  • PLA-15017 / PY505000 Introduction to Finnish Society and Culture 2 ECTS, P1–P2
  • PLA-17406 English Communicative Skills 3 ECTS, P1–P2
  • PLA-43090 Geographic Information Systems 3 ECTS P1-P2

    Spring Semester: (Period 3 - Period 4)

    • PYYJ2015 / PYJm10 International and European Law 6 ECTS, P4
    • PTT11 / PMA31 / PLA-54356 Supply Chain Management 3 ECTS, P3
    • PY509029 / PTT2 Production Management 5 ECTS, P3-P4
    • PYTJ2037 / PTJ31 E-Business and Electronic Services 5 ECTS, P4
    • PLR88 Case-based Course in Finance 5 ECTS, P4
    • PMA1B+ Applied Strategic Marketing Module 4 ECTS, P4
    • PYYJ2007 / PYJm7 / PYRm16 Intellectual Property Law 6 ECTS P3
    • PLA-17606 Computer English 3 ECTS, P3–P4
    • PLA-43106 Data Mining 5 ECTS, P3–P4
    • PLA-43116 Web-based GIS Applications 4 ECTS, P3–P4

    Update (3-11-2014): New courses available for Spring period 2015!

    • PLR88 Case-based Course in Finance 5 ECTS, P4
    • PEN11 Intercultural Communication for Cross-Cultural Team Building, 3 ECTS, P3-4

    E-learning courses:

    • PKTe13/PYJe13 Law and Economics 6 ECTS, any period
    • PYYJ2028 PYJe19a Special Course in International Law, USA 2 ECTS, any period
    • PYYJ2029 PYJe19b Special Course in International Law, China 2 ECTS, any period
    • PYYJ2030 PYJe19c Special Course in International Law, Russia 2 ECTS, any period

      In addition to the above course offering, exchange students may take self-study courses offered by University of Turku, Degree Program in Cultural Production and Landscape Studies and by University of Tampere School of Social Sciences and Humanities. Self-study courses are completed in form of book exams or written assignments. 

      The credits follow the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). One credit refers to an input of approximately 27 hours of work, which consists of lecture hours, exercises, other forms of instruction and independent work. 

      Exchange students must have sufficient skills in the English language to follow classes (at least level B1 on the Common European Framework or IELTS band score 3.5-4.5) as the courses offered in English are of advanced level. No official language certificates are required.

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      The curriculum is subject to change. The University Consortium of Pori reserves the right to modify or withdraw any statement presented in this guide without notice and accepts no liability for the consequences of such changes.

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