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Call for Papers

8th International Conference on Evaluation for Practice
June 18–20, 2012, City of Pori, Finland

'Evaluation as a Tool for Research, Learning and Making Things Better' – A Conference for Experts of Education, Human Services, and Policy

Conference Context

We cordially invite abstracts for papers, interactive research sessions and posters for the 8th International Conference on Evaluation for Practice to be held in the City of Pori, Finland on June 18–20, 2012.

The conference carries on a tradition that started in 1995 in Huddersfield, England. The focus of the conferences has been on evaluation research with implications for practice in the fields of social work, education, health and other human services. Since then the significance of evaluation research has grown and revived rapidly and the 8th conference broadens the themes to cover evaluation research in the working life and regional activities, including the evaluation of the regional engagement of the universities.

Conference Themes Presented

The theme of the conference “Evaluation as a Tool for Research, Learning and Making Things Better” emphasizes the pursuit to use the results of evaluation research in the improvement of human services and other organizational life in a situation where the continuously changing needs and contexts also change the practices. Learning is seen as one important prerequisite for making changes in the practices and the understanding of performance is extensive, covering impacts for clients and customers, service quality and effectiveness. Parallel to this, the conference aims to explore the various theoretical and methodological approaches to evaluation to gather a versatile picture of the current research, including both qualitative and quantitative methods, evaluation at micro or macro levels and also the potential of selfevaluation. The conference gives the most uptodate knowledge on the evaluation work in practice. A new thinking of the field of evaluation is recalled.

According to the conference tradition, we invite researchers and practitioners from around the world to share their experiences in this challenging mixture of research and practice. The conference offers an opportunity for the researchers as well as for decisionmakers (municipality, regional and national levels), social workers, nurses, and teachers, the experts of the development of working life and regions and other practitioners to learn from each other, according to the goal to facilitate communication between researchers and practitioners globally.

Conference Sub Themes

The following subthemes are provided on the basis of the previous conferences while they also take into account the views on work and regions:

Abstract submission

The abstracts for full papers, workshops or poster presentations should be written in English and not reach more than 300 words, describing the purpose, methods, results and implications for practice. There are three types for abstract submission: 1) a full paper for an oral presentation (30 minutes, including discussion), 2) interactive research sessions (60 minutes), or 3) poster presentations. The abstract should be submitted ONLINE. All abstracts will we reviewed anonymously. Notifications of acceptance will be given by email by 30 November 2011.

Presentations and Publication of Accepted Papers

The full papers (Revised versions) should be submitted ONLINE before 15 April 2012 to remain in the conference program. All accepted papers will be assigned a presentation time in a session of the theme in question. A conference program booklet will contain all the accepted abstracts.

Other publication channels will be announced later.

Plenary Speakers and Chairs

Important Dates

The Conference Fee

Practical Information

Conference Venue

The Conference is organized by University of Tampere, School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Unit at UCPori. The Venue is at the University Consortium of Pori, Pohjoisranta 11 A, 28100 Pori.

Conference Secretariat

Local Organizing Committee

Local Organizing Committee at University of Tampere: Ossi Eskelinen, Assistant Professor; Satu Kalliola, Professor, Chair; Kati-Jasmin Kosonen, Researcher, ViceChair and Ilmari Rostila, Professor.

Scientific Committee

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