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Health and welfare services

NOTICE! Remember to take your student card with you when using healthcare services!

Finnish Student Health Service FSHS
The students in the University Consortium of Pori are entitled to healthcare provided by the Finnish Student Health Service FSHS.
Student healthcare in Pori is arranged as follows:
Pori FSHS Services are primarily intended for students at the University Consortium of Pori.

Nurse Eija Tarri,
tel. (02) 621 3943

Reception at the Pohjois-Pori healthcare center: Siltapuistokatu 2 (Pori Cotton courtyard) second floor, room 26.

Nurse reception hours:
  • by appointment Mon-Thu 10–16, Fri 8-14.15
  • without appointment Mon and Wed 10–11
  • phone consultation Mon-Thurs 10–11

If you have any questions, please contact the nurse!

General Practitioners

The student appointments with general practitioners are handled in co-operation with the municipal healthcare services of Pori. Students living in Pori should use the nearest health center to their place of residence. Students living outside Pori should contact the FSHS nurse.

Remember to show a valid student card everytime you visit a general practitioner!

Exhange students, please note:
If you are not from EU/ETA -countries, you must have a private health insurance.


  •  Appointments with a general practitioner are free of charge with a valid student card
  •  Dental fees vary.


The Service does not cover:

FSHS does not cover visits to the A&E clinic or central hospital, or doctor appointments during weekends, evenings and student holidays


Emergency phone 112 
Satakunnan keskussairaala (Satakunta Central Hospital) Sairaalantie 3, Pori 
Phone Service tel. (02) 627 6868 
  • on weekdays: 15.00–08.00 
  • on weekends and holidays: 24 h/day) 
website (in Finnish only)


Student Deaconess

The church wishes to be a part of people's everyday life. Therefore the students and staff at the University Consortium of Pori have their own deaconess they can turn to, when they:
  • feel they can no longer cope with their studies, work, or life in general
  • are feeling lonely
  • are experiencing problems in a relationship
  • need someone to talk to
You can contact the Student Deaconess by phone or e-mail. You can also meet her in “Porin seurakuntakeskus” (Eteläpuisto 10 A, 1. floor).

Student Deaconess Ilona Kontinen
tel. 0400 309 771